Senator John Thune Visits Large Ethanol Producer

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Officials say 40 percent of South Dakota’s corn supply is used for ethanol production. Today Senator John Thune visited one of the world’s largest producers of ethanol following a big announcement from the Trump Administration.

Last week the administration announced plans to implement new rules that will increase demand for ethanol, which is good news for companies like Poet in Sioux Falls. Thune says ethanol is crucial to South Dakota and helps the economy by creating jobs. I’s also better for the environment, burning 40 percent cleaner than gasoline. This lowers prices at the gas pump.

Thune says many ethanol plants are farmer-owned and people throughout the state should understand the importance of agriculture.

“Places like Sioux Falls think because we’re big enough and diversified enough that we’re not as dependent and somewhat insulated from what happens in agriculture, but the bottom line is, if agriculture doesn’t do well long-term, that’s gonna be a real problem for South Dakota,” says Thune.

Thune also says he wants increased demand for bio-fuels to encourage higher prices for corn.



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