Sioux Falls School Districts Does 1st Mock Evacuation Drill in 5 years

SIOUX FALLS, SD—For the first time in 5 years, the Sioux Falls school district tested their evacuation and reunification protocol.

The district simulated an active shooter situation as volunteer students from Eugene elementary school were evacuated and taken to an off-site location.

“Today is really a drill to help all entities in the school district but beyond that all entities in the community and the county to help be prepared for something like this or similar to this in the future,” said Dr. Brian Maher, Sioux Falls school district superintendent.

The first step in the drill is for someone from the school to contact the school district staff and notify them of the situation.

From there, parents are notified and the school district’s incident management team is brought together at the Instructional Planning Center.

“Ultimately the establishment of a unified command, where the superintendent with the collaboration of the fire chief, police chief, and mayor would be co-located to provide policy support in an event of an emergency or a disaster,” said Robert Bray, Sioux Falls school district risk manager.

The incident team coordinates buses and a student evacuation location.

Parents are notified of the pickup location and through a student and parent identification process they are reunited.

“God forbid if it were to happen, but it’s good to know they’re working on a plan, and they have a plan that can make it real easy for the parent and child,” said Rick Huffman, Eugene Elementary School parent.

To find out more information on how the Sioux Falls School District handles disasters, just click the link.

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