‘Everything’s a fight’: Farmers Facing First Snow Fall

BURBANK, S.D. – Between the trade war and the weather, there is no doubt that farmers have had a challenging year. Unfortunately for some, it may not be the end of their troubles.

Whether it was in the spring, summer or both, many farmers around the state have had to face the consequences of the devastating flooding and heavy rain.

“Everything’s a fight,” says Farmer Reid Jensen, who is no stranger to the impacts the wet seasons have brought.

“We’ve been battling some mud and really wetter conditions. This year it accumulated to this spring, anyhow, where we only had about 35% of our crop planted.”

But being able to get out and harvest his soy beans today has felt like a blessing.

“We can just park our truck on the field and our combines and tractors and not having any mud sitting there. We haven’t had that for a couple years so it’s really a treat to be able to just come out and combine without having that added stress.”

But with the change of season comes a change of challenges.

With the first snow fall of the year expected to come in the next few days, the window for farmers to harvest their crops just got smaller.

“The crops were planted later this year so we’ve been hoping that we don’t get a real hard freeze. That would really be a challenge if you had to deal with that.”

Jensen said because he was only able to get 35% of his crop planted, it won’t take him as long to harvest.

But for others this snow fall could be detrimental.

“Especially soybeans. Soybeans can’t take a lot of snow. They’ll go down or bend over. Corn can stand the snow a little bit better. Then the other issue is livestock you know if you have cattle out in the pastures yet or even in feed yards. That’ll be a really big challenge for those ranchers and feed lot guys.”

And for anyone that needs help, “Don’t try to go through it alone. I mean there’s places you can get help if you need… If the stress gets to you.”

Whether it’s for financial assistance, mental health, or anything in between, there are a number of resources for farmers to go to.

For Farm Crisis Resources, call the Helpline Center at 2-1-1. Support is also available by texting “SDFARM” to 898211.

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