Student Denied Breakfast as Punishment, Mom Calls Out School

HURON S.D. – A Facebook post has received some attention after a Huron student was denied breakfast.

Ashten Pomerico, of Huron, recorded her phone call with a teacher after she said her son was denied breakfast at school. She then posted a video of the call on Facebook.

The video has been shared nearly 700 times and has just over 400 comments.

The conversation of the call highlighted that the student had been talking in the hallway distracting other classes.

According to the post, the teacher took action and denied him and two others breakfast as punishment.

In the video, Pomerico asked the school to find a new form of punishment for her child, and stressed that school meals may be the only food some kids eat throughout the day.

“He’ll eat breakfast regardless, that’s not going to be a consequence, you better find a different one.” She continued, “You know that some of these kids, the only meals they get is at school.”

In a post on Facebook the Huron Superintendent, Terry Nebelsick, said, “Withholding food or offering an alternative is not an appropriate conduct strategy, and we will clarify with staff the correct protocol.”

He also said, “We will review protocol with all staff and put in safeguards to avoid this unfortunate situation in the future.”


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