“Booze-less” Alcohol Comedy Show Comes to Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – If you don’t have any plans tonight, one joint in town is hosting a comedy show. But this one’s a little different.

Comedian William Conway knows the struggle.

“I made a lot of bad choices, that sort of thing, and those choices eventually led me to be incarcerated you know, and I was taken away from everything that I loved and cared about,” he says.

He realized what he was missing.

“Just had a baby and the woman I was with I was really in love with,” he adds.

After prison, something helped William get back on track… comedy.

But William saw an issue. When he invited friends to comedy shows, they had one reason for staying away.

“I don’t wanna be around the booze,” says William.

He took matters into his own hands creating a “Bosses Goes Booze-Less” comedy show. The show’s held at Boss’ Comedy Club.

But bringing it to life wasn’t smooth sailing. Alcohol’s a money maker.

“To do this show was a risk, you know, of whether or not it was financially beneficial,” says William.

William didn’t quit. He spends countless hours advertising on Facebook, strategically picked a date, found perfect stand up comedians… For him, it’s worth it.

“Life is super tough, and if we can’t find ways to laugh at it and find the joy in it, then you know, it’s pretty miserable and so this is how I avoid misery, you know, is by doing comedy,” says William.

Today, he’s showing he’s a different person.

“Prison taught me a lot you know and I learned a lot about myself and about how to change my thinking and my viewpoint of the world,” says William.

For William comedy isn’t just for the laughs. It’s made up of a community that showed support during his darkest times.

William says if his show is successful, hopefully, there will be more “Bosses goes Booze-Less” nights in the future.

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