Nate Gerry’s Role Expanding With Eagles in NFL

Nate Gerry's Role Expanding With Eagles in NFL

MINNEAPOLIS, MN…If football is a game of adaptation and adjustments, then you can call Sioux Falls native Nate Gerry a football chameleon.

“Ever since I got here, I’ve been moving around to different positions moving around left, right and middle. Just been sticking to the grind,” said Gerry. “Trying to stay in the playbook and fill-in where the team needs me.”

This has been the narrative for Gerry throughout his football career, while at Nebraska he transitioned from linebacker to safety, then in the NFL, he made the switch back from safety to linebacker.

“I’m not saying it’s easy. I mean you got to put on weight. It’s a totally different position. It’s closer to the ball, so it’s a little bit faster. Verse being a safety, you’re a little bit further back,” said Kelli Gerry.

After a rocky start to his NFL career, Gerry has finally found some footing at his new position as the Eagles’ swiss-army knife.

“I just feel a lot more comfortable compared to the past couple of years. I’ve been thrown into three or four different positions this year so far. So, I just feel a lot more comfortable playing the game of football and our defense. I think that’s been helpful for me,” said Nate Gerry.

“It’s quite the job, people don’t understand what they put into this kind of work. Every day is up and down you don’t know if you have a job when you come to work. You have to be prepared and you have to work hard,” said Kelli Gerry.

Gerry has planted his flag in Philadelphia for the foreseeable future.

He has already tied his career high for starts in a season and is expected to break it against the Cowboys.

In Minneapolis, Brandon Green, KDLT Sports.

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