‘Railyard Flats’ New Development Proposed for Downtown Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Development of the Downtown Sioux Falls Railyard continues to be a work in progress. But this week, we’re learning more about what could be the future of the area. City councilors got their first look last night at a proposed mixed-use project.

Cherapa Place brought growth to Downtown Sioux Falls, according to Property Manager Anne Haber.

“15 years ago Cherapa Place was the catalyst for a lot of development on the east bank especially. After this building was built, along came Lumber Exchange, Hilton Garden Inn, a lot of the development on the east bank,” says Haber.

But her work is far from over. The City of Sioux Falls bought acres of land by the old railroad tracks downtown, and Haber has her eye on some of it.

“We’ve been looking at the railyard land for a long time, knowing that someday, something would happen,” she says.

Her vision? Railyard Flats, which would include apartments, a courtyard, office space, and even shops.

“The goal of the Railyard was to continue to create downtown a destination. A place for people to live and people to work, and that type of thing,” says City of Sioux Falls Director of Planning and Development Services Jeff Eckhoff.

The project would be costly for developers. Eckhoff says the plan’s not without risk.

“Downtown is a tough place to develop, because of the bedrock that’s in the ground and some of the other constraints within all the development, so it’s always a lot of work for the developers and takes some time and some patience,” says Eckhoff.

But people involved see it as a chance for Sioux Falls to expand its downtown area.

“Just really fun and exciting to watch downtown continue to thrive and to grow and provide diverse opportunities for dining and entertainment and just become a real gathering place for people,” says Echhoff.

Developers put in an offer to the city to buy the land for the project. If the offer is accepted, construction is said to start next spring. It could be occupied by the summer of 2021.

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