Hunters Flock to Sioux Falls for 2019 Pheasant Hunting Season

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Saturday marks opening weekend of pheasant season in South Dakota for all hunters whether they live here or they’re just visiting. But, one man in particular has a reason to be more excited than the rest.

Ed Goss is no pheasant hunting rookie.

“This will be the 50th consecutive year the hunters from Michigan to Texas to Arkansas, South Carolina and all over have hunted at our place,” says Ed.

Goss Farm near Esmond has been in the family since 1910. So, for Ed, the sport is a part of life.

“Actually guided since I was 12 years old for pheasant hunters,” he says.

Ed lives in Arizona during the winter but comes back just to hunt. He’s one of many flocking to the so-called “pheasant capital of the world,” and Sioux Falls is going to benefit from the extra traffic.

“People are coming in. I know they’re spending money here, whether it’s shopping, eating, lodging, you know they go out and buy their equipment for hunting, stuff like that,” says communications manager of the Sioux Falls Convention Visitors Bureau Matt Barthel.

How much money is expected to be spent statewide? In recent years it’s been more than $130 million. Enough for vendors to line up by baggage claim of the airport before opening weekend.

“13 vendors will come out and we’ll basically just do a thank you for them for choosing Sioux Falls to fly in,” says Barthel.

But for Ed, it’s about tradition and the people he’s met along the way.

“It means more relationships with friends that you only see at an average of once or twice a year, and you do it every year. You look forward to it, it’s just, they’re like family now,” says Ed.

No matter how many years he’s been at it, the hunting season never loses its magic.

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