Offense the Key to Victory for Viborg-Hurley

Offense the Key to Victory for Viborg-Hurley

SIOUX FALL, SD—A match-up of two undefeated teams is going on tonight between Viborg-Hurley and Canistota/Freeman but that wasn’t the case a year ago

For Viborg-Hurley they finished 4-4 last year, but they turned things all the way around

Their average margin of victory is about 44 points per game this year.

They say the difference is their lightening quick offense.

“We had a lot kids in the weight room hitting it really hard this off-season. We got kids that jumped up 2-3 inches,” said Head Football Coach Rob Kessler. “I mean I got how many 6’4 kids, 6’5 kid’s bunch of kids “

“We’re very quick and fast we can score on you very quick and easy if you make one mistake,” said Chase Mason, Viborg-Hurley fullback. “It can go fast for the defense, if they choose to play certain type of coverage. It could be a score on them in a snap of a finger.”


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