Bargains in a Barrel: Harvest Days

GARRETSON, S.D. – “When you go through the line and you got an air horn they honk and a bell to ring, and it’s a timed thing, they just have a great time,” said Owner of Nordstrom’s Automotive Shannon Nordstrom.

It’s all about having a great time while getting great deals. Nordstrom’s Automotive and Ewe-Pullet Self Service and Auto Parts in Garretson, teamed up today to host Harvest days.  An event that people come to from all around the state to get a bargain on everything they can fit in a barrel.

Nordstrom said, “When we get into the winter it’s a little slower, and so before winter we have this big event. They can take anything off of these 1200 vehicles, I think it’s something like 1250 vehicles total we have out here, if they can get it into a wheel barrel and however they stack it and figure it all out, then make it through this course behind us that my dad has made here. They get it for $40.”

Nordstrom says Harvest Days is something that people look forward to all year.

“There is people who wait all year for this event.” He continued, “They take days off of work to make sure they’re here when we have this event.”

Whether you were supposed to work today or you had the day off, people enjoyed themselves at the 12th annual Harvest Days.

“We’ll get close to 1000 people out here throughout the day. Everybody has a great time and we enjoy doing it. It’s a great opportunity for the customers to get a great value,” Nordstrom said.

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