Many Pushing For The Legalization Of Hemp And Medical Marijuana

SIOUX FALLS, S.D – If you’ve been driving around Sioux Falls, you may have noticed signs pushing for the legalization of hemp and medical marijuana.

Lawrence Robinson was on the job hunt.

“I’m just going through Craig’s List, you know what I’m saying,” he says.

The position he found is unconventional. It’s at a company called Fieldworks. Its goal is simple.

“It’s based on legalizing hemp, industrial hemp, recreational for later on and like I said, medical marijuana,” says Robinson.

9 to 5 he sits by the road, holding up a sign, urging people to sign his petition to get the hemp issue on the ballot. But Robinson says, regardless of his job, he’s passionate about the marijuana side of the issue. He says making weed legal is safer for teens experimenting.

“Next thing you know, my head hurt, I felt like I was seeing stars. I felt like I was going to die, you know what I’m saying. I went and embarrassed myself in front of my whole family and that’s because I got it from where? A bad source. So I’m going to make sure my experience at 16 never happens to another 16 year old,” says Robinson.

He says he knows people who benefit.

“I have a lot of people in my family who back in Ohio who have arthritis and tendentious in their knees, and when they smoke they say they don’t feel it,” he says.

Just one side of a controversial issue, seeming to get the public fired up.

Governor Kristi Noem’s office has the following statement: “Governor Noem doesn’t take public positions on specific ballot initiatives and encourages citizens to study the issues and make informed decisions. That said, her opposition to legalizing marijuana and industrial hemp in South Dakota is clear. According to the CDC, marijuana use directly affects brain health and impacts memory, decision-making abilities, and reaction time. States that have legalized marijuana have experienced spikes in marijuana-related traffic fatalities, arrests, and impaired driving. Governor Noem believes that the experiments many states are taking with legalized marijuana will end badly. It’s her goal to make South Dakota an example to the nation of a state that’s tough on drugs. That means opposing action that legalizes marijuana or derivatives that legalize the drug by default.”

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