Micro-Current Machine to Treat Pain

SIOUX FALLS, S.D – What if a machine could help your body heal itself from pain and injury? Sounds too good to be true… or is it?

Spencer Paulsen loves baseball.

“My mom took a video of me for the first time at 2 years old swinging and throwing,” Paulsen says.

He was a pitcher at the University of Sioux Falls, but after repetitive motion he tore his labrum. His life was changed.

“It was heartbreaking to me when I tore my labrum, and knew I couldn’t do what I did,” says Paulsen.

Paulsen was on a mission to find a way to combat the pain. He found Arete Wellness. They use a equiscope machine to deliver micro current therapy to problem areas. Sounds complex, but the idea is simple.

“Allowing the cells to come back to that perfect state of being, which enables the body to heal itself at increased rates,” says Arete Wellness co-owner Cory Harm.

This “perfect state of being” is called homeostasis, and Harm says it can help almost anyone.

“Surgeries, repair injuries, treat anything that has pain, limited range of motion or mobility, basically,” says Harm.

Paulsen says it’s worked.

“After one session of being in here I was able to, you know, to bend over and put my palms on the ground, and I haven’t been able to do that in 5 to 6 years,” Paulsen says.

Being pain free is giving him hope.

“It feels like the ceiling is endless again. I’m 28 years old and like I said, if this all works out I might try and give baseball another shot,” says Paulsen.

There are less than 200 equiscope machines in the world. The only one in the Midwest is at Arete Wellness. The website is: http://aretewellnessstudio.org.

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