Someone You Should Know: A Lennox Man’s Unique Farm

LENNOX, S.D. – South Dakota is home to many farm animals from cows, to pigs, to horses. However, in tonight’s Someone You Should Know we introduce you to one Lennox man who embraces being different.

He has a pretty unique farm. 

Driving northbound on I-29 you’re sure to see a fair number of farm animals, but once you get to the Lennox exit, you’ll be greeted by something quite unique.

”I’ve had quite a few just drive up and ask me if that was a real camel. I was like ‘yeah, she’s real,’” said Dan Tammen. 

Tammen adopted the camel this past summer.

”Her name is Precious. She’s five-years-old,” said Tammen. 

A petting zoo near Tyndall was struggling to re-home her as precious was born a little differently. 

“She was born without a front hoof on her foot, so she kind of limps a little bit, but she seems to get around just fine,” said Tammen. 

”And that’s why I guess he couldn’t find a home for her, so I told her I’d take her.”

He knew precious would fit in just fine on his farm.

”I wanted something different and I don’t know if I could get anything more different,” said Tammen. 

Sometimes Tammen says his farm feels more like a zoo as he doesn’t own your typical farm animals. 

Besides his camel, he has seven alpacas and six goats. 

Tammen’s family has owned their farm for many years and used to raise cattle. Tammen missed that. With his busy schedule working for the Lennox Township he decided to start with something easy like alpacas. Then his curiosity for unusual animals grew.

”I have the fainting goats. I was more interested in watching them faint, which is kind of funny and that’s how I got them too,” said Tammen. 

Since precious moved in, Tammen’s had a lot more visitors to his farm 

”I get a lot of people stopping, wanting to meet her and pet her. It’s been fun,” said Tammen. 

Through his farm, Tammen’s able to show people that it’s okay to be different. 

Tammen isn’t buying any more pets for a while, but he did joke that he has his eye on a zebra. 


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