State GOP Weighs In on Dem Party Resignations, Hemp Canvassing, Impeachment Inquiry

Democratic Party declines ongoing opportunity to provide a spokesperson on current events

For the better part of the past year, KDLT News Today has worked to consistently address, even briefly, current events in politics and provide context on relevant issues, both local and national. This is a segment we worked to bring to our morning show through numerous conversations with party leaders, and ultimately through an agreement with both the Democratic Party and the state GOP.

Two weeks ago, state Democratic party leaders let us know they no longer wished to be a part of these segments. And in reaching out on Wednesday, given the latest developments on mishandling of finances for the party, we again asked about an interview but received no answer or comment. While we continue to search for someone that may be interested to fill in that role on our program and the party, a new spokesperson, Dave Roetman, State Finance Chair for the GOP, did sat down with KDLT News Today. He offered the following thoughts on  current events.



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