Soldiers Return to SD After 10 Month Deployment

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – “One of the best feelings I’ve had in a long time,” said Cody Paulson of the South Dakota National Guard 147th Field Artillery.

Coming home from a 10 month deployment overseas has Paulson feeling his best. Over 100 South Dakota Army National Guard Soldiers were welcomed home at Lincoln high school today, and the emotions were at an all-time high.

Paulson said, “As we were pulling up in the bus it started to hit me a little harder than I anticipated. It was overall a really good feeling that we are finally home.”

Fellow soldier Aubri Hjorth added, “Happy and I want to cry because it’s so much joy. It’s just really hard to explain there’s no words for it even.”

After being stationed in Germany, Poland, and Hungary these soldiers were most excited to see their families again.

“Wanting to see the kids and my wife, wanting to see the family,” Paulson said.

“So much joy.” Continued Hjorth, “It makes me so happy being able to see my family.”

After being away from home for nearly a year, Paulson and Hjorth want one simply thing, to relax.

Hjorth stated, “I want to be able to kick off my boots and just hang out with my family, and really get to know them again. 10 months is a long time.”

“Get my spot back on the couch and just sit and relax for a little while,” Paulson added, “And take it all in and maybe watch college football.”

And what a day to be coming home.  On a day where the Dakota Marker was on the line and ESPN’s College GameDay was in Brookings. Hjorth only has one thing left to say.

“Go Jackrabbits,” he said.

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