Hundreds Show Up For DTSF Trick or Treat

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. –  Hundreds of kids and over 30 businesses participated in this year’s Downtown Sioux Falls Trick or Treat, but those kids weren’t getting that candy unless they said those three simple words, trick or treat.

Kids in costumes took over the sidewalks along Phillips Avenue in Downtown Sioux Falls today. All hoping to get an early start on Halloween.  For one local business owner, she says the event brings new faces to downtown.

“It brings people downtown, and it gives people who maybe never come downtown a chance to come downtown and see what’s down here. It’s a great way for the business owners to give back to the community, so it’s a great plus for everybody,” said Owner of Young and Richards Cindy Palleschi.

Downtown Sioux Falls Trick or Treat is a day where everybody wins, but Palleschi looks forward to seeing these kids on more days than just today.

She said, “They like it, I’ll even have kids a week or two weeks later come and say, ‘thanks for the treats for Halloween’ because they came downtown, ‘did you remember me I was in the fairy costume?’ They’ll say stuff and I’ll say, ‘yeah I remember you,’ and it’s just fun.”

On a day where the kids are the ones getting the candy, Palleschi says this event is just as fun for her employees.

“We have a lot of part-time teachers that work for us and they’re great with the kids which is a plus.” Palleschi continued, “The kids are happy when they see one of their teachers at the door. It’s just for the employees and for the kids.”


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