Assisted Living Center Shows Halloween is for All Ages

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Halloween is a holiday for all ages to enjoy, and one assisted living center is gearing up for their celebration this Thursday.

Larry Meyer loves all things Halloween.

“A lot of decorations out there that probably surpass Christmas,” he says.

So he’s lucky to live at StoneyBrook Suites Assisted Living. The suites are pairing up with Trucks-N-Trykes Daycare.

“They love kids energy and they see any small kids, they are, little eyes kind of light up, and so we try to bring them in as much as we can,” says activities director Carla Lynn.

Residents will decorate their doors and the kids…

“They’ll all be dressed up and we will have candy for the residents to give out,” says Lynn.

Then there’s a party with games, food…

“I always make my special punch with the dry ice and so it’s bubbling,” says Lynn.

For the residents, the day’s a joyful one.

“A lot of them are here, they don’t get out much, so we try to bring everything to them so, yeah, we try to celebrate every holiday. Make it special,” says Lynn.

The kids often have a hard time leaving,

“One little one jumped right up on one of their laps and they were sitting there talking and they were waiting to leave, and they had to call this little kid off his, off his lap to get back into the van to go back to the daycare,” says Lynn.

Larry says he’s not going to let the kids have all the fun.

“I do some crazy things once in a while, so at least I get the kids’ attention and that’s fun for me too,” he says.

Showing old or young, lots of people in the Sioux Empire get festive for the holiday.

Resident’s ages vary from fifty-seven to one hundred and one.

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