Rock Valley Police to Start New K9 Program

Rock Valley, IA-The town of Rock Valley, Iowa is getting excited about a new program coming to the police department. This program will require a strong sense of smell. So the department is bringing on a new officer specially trained for the job. 

Officer Jordan Kerr is preparing to be a handler for the Rock Valley Police Department’s first ever K9 unit.

“The K9 will be owned by the city, but then it would be staying at my residence. Then with that it will patrol with me like a regular shift,” said Officer Kerr.

They haven’t picked out a dog yet, but are looking at labs and golden retrievers. 

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and it could be a good benefit to the community to help with drugs and tracking,” said Officer Kerr. 

He also thinks it will help with community relations when officers are out in the community doing things like visiting schools.  

“People are scared of the police for different reasons. Maybe it’ll help them come up and talk to us and just get to know us a lot better and kind of bridge that gap there,” said Officer Kerr. 

Before his new four-legged partner can join the force, the department has to raise around $30,000. The department is already halfway to their goal thanks in part to the community. Many local organizations have already pitched in. 

“A lot of the community is behind us, you know they’re supportive. It shows that they believe in it with their donations,” said Officer Kerr. 

The money will pay for the K9 who comes already trained. Also for equipment, such as a special police dog vehicle.  

The department will purchase the dog from a K9 unit vendor that trains dogs for law enforcement. Officer Kerr says they have not yet selected a specific vendor. 

People interested in donating can contact the police department at (712) 476-5716 or write out a check out to the Rock Valley Police Department K9 fund.


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