Sioux Falls Haunted House Prioritizes Safety Before Scary

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – “Every one of our actors has to go through safety training, I don’t care if they’ve been here 10 years or they’re brand new,” said Jaycees Feargrounds Project Director Brandon Callenius.

That’s the mentality of Feargrounds Project Director Callenius. The haunted house takes the word safety just as serious as the word scary. Inside there are around 10 panic switches, security cameras, and exits.

He said, “There’s exit doors all over the haunt actually. That in the end, somebody needs to get out in a hurry we can get them out in a hurry. Customers usually don’t see them unless they have to.”

If a customer is going out an exit door, that most likely means a panic switch has been flipped, the security team has been alerted, and their off to the section of the emergency.

“Once the panic switch is flipped, we have one security and one manager go respond to the panic switch.” Callenius continued, “At that point we will radio back to medical whether they’re needed or our control room whether everything’s cleared or whatever the situation might be.”

With safety being a top priority, Callenius makes sure that his staff knows all of the safety procedures before any customers enter the building.

“We do safety walk-throughs at the beginning of the night and at the end of the night, and we also do a safety walk-through with any group that feels they need it. Whether it’s due to a medical issue or we feel they need a walk-through due to a security issue then we do that with our safety team,” he said.