Sioux Falls Food Tours Exposes People to Businesses


“We like to feature small businesses and local grown products,” said Sioux Falls Food Tours Owner Dana Wohlwend.

When Sioux Falls Food Tours does their Downtown Tour they take their customers to four to six businesses. Whether that be a brewery, a coffee shop, or just a regular downtown restaurant, they give their customers a full variety of what downtown Sioux Falls has to offer.

Wohlwend said, “They get to explore Sioux Falls. I get people from other parts of the country that just want to see what South Dakota has to offer, so they are always fun to give them a history of Sioux Falls and what South Dakota is. I get a lot of local people as well who maybe haven’t tried these places or just want a fun time out with friends.

Whether you’re local or not, one business owner says there’s no better place to eat and drink than in Downtown Sioux Falls.

“The food scene and the beer scene is downtown Sioux Falls is really off the charts. You think about how much it’s grown in the last couple years, and to be a part of that really helps us add to the culture that is downtown, but also lets us show off our product just a little bit,” said Owner of WoodGrain Brewing Co. Jason Currie-Olson.

And letting these businesses show off is what it’s about, each tour has a tour guide but also lets someone from the business speak as well. Ultimately, Sioux Falls Food Tours is a chance for people to explore something new.

Currie-Olson said, “It offers, maybe people who wouldn’t normally be comfortable brewery hopping, it gives them an excuse to go out and have a really cool Saturday, hit up a whole bunch of different breweries, and be exposed to something that they may not normally do on their Saturday.”

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