Sioux Falls Home To Only Jewish Preschool In The State Of South Dakota

SIOUX FALLS, S.D – Imagine moving somewhere where there is not a local school teaching important ideas about your religion. That was the case for one Sioux Falls family, but they took matters into their own hands.

“The way Judaism looks at early childhood education is especially unique,” says Mussie Alperowitz.

She’s the director of the only Jewish preschool in all of South Dakota. Her goal’s simple.

“Give Jewish children the opportunity to have a high quality early childhood education program that celebrates their holidays and that celebrates their Jewish tradition and their heritage,” she continues.

But creating the school wasn’t easy. Months of preparation, hours on end studying… finally Alperowitz got the school city and state registered. It was vital for her to have a school that taught Jewish customs.

“Every morning we sit down by our kindness tree and we celebrate the good deeds they did that day. We put a penny in our charity box to teach them not just ingrain kindness and charity every day, but it’s like an actual movement. You’re using a muscle,” says Alperowitz.

And the kids?

“Very proud of their school. They love their teachers, they love to learn, and I think we’re doing a good job,” she says.

She says Judaism puts emphasis on the value of each child. She wants a curriculum that keeps that in mind.

“Social and emotional skills are incredibly important as that’s the most important thing children need to take them through elementary years and even through their adult years,” says Alperowitz.

In a time of challenge an example of a family creating their own opportunity.

The preschool is open to all children looking for a Jewish education. The website is:

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