Kuslers Mean Double Trouble For Roosevelt Opponents

Kuslers Mean Double Trouble For Roosevelt Opponents

SIOUX FALLS, SD…. Though there are certainly plenty of opportunities for fun where twin brothers are involved…

“We’ll always joke if people ask if we’re twins we’ll throw in a yeah, we’re cousins!” Roosevelt Senior Adam Kusler says.

“It’s still almost impossible to tell them apart unless they’re standing side by side. And I call them by the wrong name still. I think they realize that I’m too easy a target!” Roosevelt Head Coach Kim Nelson says.

….Roosevelt linebackers Aaron and Adam Kusler won’t be confused for jokers.

“We don’t really, like, do too much with that.” Roosevelt Senior Linebacker Aaron Kusler says.

“Yeah we’re just being ourselves.” Adam says.

And that’s meant double trouble for the rest of 11AAA.

“At home we tend to have our own space just because we like to be individuals and we don’t always have to be connected. But outside of the house, with friends and what not, we’re usually together.” Aaron says.

It’s certainly no surprise then that their bond extended to the football field where, initially, they had a much different role.

“I always played quarterback and then he played running back. Coach Nelson told me to go to defense because there’s this 6’5” quarterback that might start over you.” Aaron says.

“It’s fun when you got your brother next to you and you can run off him whether it’s film, or tips and tricks on how to get away from a lineman, or whatever the case may be, it’s always nice to have a guy out there that you can trust.” Adam says.

Though they each still get some snaps on offense, moving the Kuslers to linebacker has helped make Roosevelt’s defense dominant, allowing the fewest points in the state at 15 per game.

“Intelligent football players, they’re going to play hard every down. They’re going to motivate their teammates, they’re going to be good leaders and they’re going to make plays for us.” Nelson says.

That will head north to Brookings next year, where the serious business of college football at South Dakota State should be a bit easier for Adam and Aaron…

“I just love how he pushes me every day. If I’m tired or I’m slacking, or if he’s slacking, you know, I’ll yell at him and give him some extra motivation.” Adam & Aaron Say Of Each Other.

…with each other at their side.

Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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