Glory House in Sioux Falls Hopes to Expand Reach with New Apartments

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Glory House, a residential and outpatient treatment center, kicked off their campaign to build 75 new apartments today. One client has been through extreme trauma and says she couldn’t have recovered without the facility.

Lisa Piper has a devastating past.

“I had a 5-month-old son that was killed by his father, my one and a half-year-old daughter was taken because of that, so I kind of lost it, went on a drug binge, and got charges related to that,” Lisa says.

She served two years in prison, at which point she knew it was time to make a change.

“I knew the steps I needed to take, but I didn’t know how to get there,” says Lisa.

She found herself at the Glory House in Sioux Falls. The organization offers programs that treat substance abuse and other mental health issues.

“Really trying to bring opportunities. The vast majority of our clients are people that have made some bad choices and they want an opportunity to do better,” says Glory House president Dave Johnson.

Johnson’s seen the changes glory house can bring.

“A number of people that have come through here, they may have struggled while they were here, but they have gone out and become very successful,” he says.

Lisa is one of those people, but her journey’s been a rocky one.

3 times at the house, 2 relapses, but…

“They have worked with me since they have understood,” says Lisa.

The Glory House is hoping to expand its reach. They are kicking off a campaign to build 75 new apartments. The campaign aims to raise 1.35 million of the total 7.5 million dollars needed to complete the project.

All with the goal of helping people like Lisa achieve their new dreams.

“I want to pursue the last few months of my human services degree and hopefully help a lot of children that are in bad situations,” says Lisa.

If you want to donate or get involved with volunteering at the Glory House, visit their website at

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