Someone You Should Know: ‘Delivering Hope’ to Chemotherapy Patients

SIOUX FALLS, S.D – One employee at Rosa Parks Elementary School goes above and beyond to help others. She thought of a way to help people going through chemo therapy, and that’s why we think she is “Someone You Should Know.”

Rachel Schuldt was close with her grandmother.

“My grandma loved the chicken soup crossword,” Rachel says.

But disaster struck her family.

Rachel’s grandmother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This pushed her to take action to help others in the same situation.

“Just, honestly, giving them hope. Letting them know that the diagnosis they received is not the end,” says Rachel.

She’s the founder of “Delivering Hope.” The program donates “chemo bags” to patients. These bags are made up of blankets, games, snacks…

“Just a little thing to give hope and inspiration,” Rachel says.

Rachel’s grandmother passed on. This is just another reason she refuses to quit.

“Everyone is affected in some way. So when I think of my grandma going through treatment, or anyone now, these are all items that bring comfort, that make the journey they are doing easier,” she says.

Now she’s affecting the lives of hundreds.

“35, 70, 100, 150, 200, so it’s slowly grown over the years of doing this,” Rachel says.

Even Northwestern College’s football team is getting involved.

“Their spring game, instead of doing an entry fee, they collected items for the bags,” she continues.

In under 6 years, she’s donated over 800 bags. This spring, that number’s expected to reach over a thousand.

“Just as it continues to grow, the more people that partner, I feel like the more bags I can do,” Rachel says.

For Rachel it’s more than a bag. It’s inspiration and comfort during a time of battle.

To learn how you can help go to the Facebook page – Delivering Hope Chemo Comfort Care Bags.

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