Community Attends Vigil for Two Teens Involved in I-229 Crash

Thursday a vigil was held at the South Dakota Junior Football Field for two Lincoln High School students. They were involved in a tragic I-229 rollover. One teen has died and the other is in critical condition. While many are still trying to process what has happened, the organizer of the vigil says now is the time for everyone to come together in support.

This crash has had a huge impact on the Sioux Falls community, which could be felt at the vigil. Although it was cold out, a couple hundred people showed up to show their support. Loved ones lit candles and shared stories and memories. They were remembering 15-year-old Barry Grieve who died in Tuesday’s crash. He was the boy who brought happiness to so many people’s lives and always had a smile on his face. 

Folks also prayed for 16-year-old Mhiretab Tsegaye who suffered life threatening injuries in the crash. Both boys were on the football team. Their teammates say they were more than just a team.

“It’s not really a team. It’s a family. Barry was a very outgoing, very athletic, smart kid. Barry was very special to all of us. We will never forget about Barry,” said Teammate Trenton Peterson.

Folks were able to leave notes on poster boards labeled with both boys’ names. On Mhiretab’s, many wrote encouraging and hopeful notes. Everyone is pushing for him to recover.

“I hope everyone can send their prayers to Mhiretab and just help Mhiretab out and go see him go pray for him, pray for his family and just get him better because after this he will prevail and go back to the Mhiretab everyone loves and wanted,” said teammate London Kolb. 

It was an emotional night filled with many hugs and tears. You could really tell that these boys made a difference in many people’s lives.

Right now everyone is focused on coming together like they did at the vigil and continuing to pray for Mhiretab to recover. 

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