Owner is “Grateful” After Deciding to Close ‘Play It Again Sports’

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – “Quite sad actually,” said Owner of Play It Again Sports, David Rust.

That describes the emotions that Play It Again Sports Owner, David Rust, says he’ll feel on the last day of work. But until then, he will experience much more lasts. Like last check out, last time helping customers and last phones call. These are what made the decision to close the store, tough.

“Tough decision obviously and it was not done quickly, Rust said about closing the store. “Probably over the course of the last few months and kind of deciding on best way to do it and how to do it and tough decision all around.”

Rust has owned the business for all 28 years it’s been in Sioux Falls. Four locations later, he reflects on his time at the sports store.

“Ups and down, but mostly ups. Fun job to have and enjoyed doing it the whole time. It’s been my livelihood and all of my kids have worked here over the times. It just feels good to be a part of the community and like I said early to offer the service to people that we offer,” he said.

But soon that service will be no more, Rust says no employees wanted to take over the business but he hopes one day there will be a Play It Again Sports in Sioux Falls again.

“I think it’s still possible that it could re-open with someone else as an owner.” He continued, “I’m kind of hoping that’s what happens eventually.”

And after 28 years in the business, he’s one word: Grateful.

“I feel grateful to have done this as long as I have and for all the customers we’ve had,” he said.

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