Police: Man Arrested in Standoff Threatened Woman, Threw 4-Year-Old

MITCHELL, S.D. – Mitchell Police say a man arrested following a standoff at a motel threatened to kill a woman and threw a four-year-old against a wall.

Authorities say 37-year-old Jay Joseph Peneaux was arrested Wednesday an hour-and-a-half standoff at a motel on S. Burr Street.

Authorities were initially called to a residence on South Capital Street after they say Peneaux was arguing with a woman, showed a knife, and threatened to kill her. Authorities say Peneaux allegedly threw the four-year-old against a wall. Peneaux fled the scene before officers arrived.

Authorities learned Peneaux may have been armed and dispatched the Mithcell Police Emergency Response Unit.

Peneaux faces felony aggravated assault and child abuse charges.

The four-year-old suffered minor injuries and the woman was not injured.

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