Winter Weather is Here; Experts Say “Take Your Time” Leaving Home

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – “As of today, we got a lot of vehicles coming in. I think they’re a lot of fender benders around town,” said Evan Kindt, owner of Marv’s Body Shop. “I know I was unprepared for it; I should have been. Its kind of snuck up on us and all of sudden it was super icy.”

Marv’s Body Shop says it’s received a 10% uptick in business since the snow fell earlier this week.

Body Shop owner Evan Knit says the number one way to avoid paying him a visit is to check the road and weather conditions and especially check the condition of your tires.

“When winter starts, what kind of tread we have on our tires and that makes a huge impact with your ability to stop and control your car on the road,” said Kindt.

And before you make it to your car, you might need to blow some snow away.

“The phones have been busy, we’re doing a huge amount of repairs,” said Randy Dump, owner of D&D Small Engine Repair and Sales. “People that never thought about getting it in earlier this fall, now they’re in a little bit more of a panic to get them ready because it’s kind of a reminder.”

D&D Small Engine Repair and Sales owner Randy Dump says they repair between 15 to 20 snow-blowers a day.

One of the most common repairs is the removal of old oil.

“Got to make sure it starts when you need it because when it’s bad out. And it doesn’t start, it’s no good to you,” said Dump. “On the snow blowers just making sure the oils full, the belts are good, the tires are full of air because if the tires aren’t the right pressure they’re not going to dig in right [and] the cutter bar doesn’t cut right.”

Just a few winter tips to help you save some money this winter season.

Another tip before using your snow-blower, make sure to check your driveway and sidewalks for old newspapers, rock, and debris.

Any of those things getting stuck in the blade could mean a costly repair.

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