Inmates Prepare For Life After Bars at Second Chance Job Fair

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -The South Dakota State Penitentiary hosted a job fair today.

The Second Chance Job Fair aims to help inmates find careers when they get out of prison.

Today was the first time the prison has held a job fair.

Inmates were able to talk with different businesses and discuss possible job opportunities.

Inmates were also able to hand out their resumes.

Organizers say today’s event was good for both the employers and the inmates.

Forward Sioux Falls Denise Guzzetta said, “We have a lot of employers that our used to serving this body of people, so they’re really invested in seeing their success when they reenter society and they come out of being incarcerated.”

“Always looking for ways for inmates to better themselves, so that when they get back into society they got a good place to work, they can help support their family.” Troy Ponto, Associate Warden of the prison said.

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