South Dakota to Provide Education Opportunities World Wide?

SIOUX FALLS, S.D – This week an Egyptian delegation traveled around the Sioux Empire with the goal of buying products. Deals were agreed upon, but something else was accomplished as well.

“Egyptian group came, they saw, and they conquered, I believe, in the sense of actually signing deal,” says South Dakota state representative Michael Saba.

This week, South Dakota proved it’s a force to be reckoned with.

“Taking the lead in helping put a new brand on South Dakota” Saba says.

An Egyptian delegation traveled to Sioux Falls, Brookings, Watertown, and Aberdeen to buy agricultural products. But, that’s not it. They want to discuss education opportunities.

“The West Coast has Silicon Valley, we’ll never be Silicon Valley. In the East Coast they have the research triangle, we’ll never be the research triangle, but we can be both of those for agriculture, for what we can provide in agricultural development, technology, and agricultural products,” says Saba.

The delegation met with officials from SDSU, Augustana University, USD, Dakota State…all with the hope for future conversations.

“Sending their students here, our students going over there and studying what they need, bringing that wealth of information both directions,” says Saba.

South Dakota isn’t just holding its own in the US. It’s making a name for itself world-wide.

“Countries, Brazil, Argentina, other producers, for bringing them crops that they have some of, but will never be self-sufficient in,” says Saba.

This publicity should be a money maker.

“New dollars into the state, and then I’m working very hard on preserving South Dakota’s agricultural heritage,” says Saba.

While the details of the deals made are currently private, both sides of the agreement say they hope this visit is just the start to a strong relationship.

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