11th Annual “Ice Institute” Gears The Sioux Empire Up For Winter

SIOUX FALLS, S.D – It’s chilly in the Sioux Empire, but that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of activities. This weekend the Premier Center held the 11th annual “Ice Institute”, and those involved say it was a hit.

The “Ice Institute” aims to provide people with the latest and greatest of the ice fishing industry. You could shop and speak with pros about how to use equipment properly and safely, and the turnout suggests Sioux Falls ice fishing community is excited about the coming winter months.

“If you don’t do something like ice fishing during the winter time here in South Dakota, it’s gonna be an awfully long winter for ya, and so if you fish in the summertime, in the winter time it’s the same way, except you have a sheet of ice between you and the fish,” says Todd Heitkemp.

The event’s grown. 11 years ago the first “Ice Institute” had only 50 people.



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