Manuleleua’s Clutch Goal Scoring Has Been Huge for Jackrabbits

Manuleleua's Clutch Goal Scoring Has Been Huge for Jackrabbits


BROOKINGS, SD…She’s got a big name.

“Leah Manuleleua.”

“Fall media day 2017, and I practiced and I practiced and I practiced. And I couldn’t get it out.” SDSU Head Coach Brock Thompson says.

“Sometimes they just say the last part!” SDSU Senior Leah Manuleleua.

That’s complimented by big game on the pitch.

“It’s just instinct. I fell like my body just naturally knows where to go these days.” Leah says.

To see that makes you wonder how a native Californian like Leah became Brock Thompson’s first recruit at South Dakota State, moving more than 1700 miles from home.

“It’s was just the perfect combination for nursing and for school. I like helping people, I like being around people, so it was perfect for me.” Manuleleua says.

And that attitude might explain something else.

“We joke all the time that she’s in every celebration photo that we take!” Thompson says.

“I think I get excited when anyone scores, whether it’s me or someone else!” Leah says.

And Manuleleua has had plenty to celebrate in three years. She holds the school record for most game winning goals with 12, scoring 11 of her 23 career goals as a senior this year.

“She’s big and strong and physical. And she’s willing to kind of do some work to put herself in the right spot. And you keep putting yourself in the right spot and the ball is going to find you.” Thompson says.

None bigger than the game tying goal in the Summit League Tournament Championship that sent SDSU to the NCAA Tournament.

Just another big moment and memory for Manuleleua….

“Whether it’s my coaches or my team, I made a lot of the memories with them. I feel like that stuff is what I’m going to carry with me for the rest of my life.” Leah says.

….among plenty to choose from!

In Brookings, Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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