Veterans Day Ceremonies Provided by The Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce

SIOUX FALLS, S.D – This Veterans Day the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce held ceremonies to honor those who fought for our freedom, and one woman there seemed to be especially moved by the program.

Nancy Hone had a special bond with her father.

“We were best friends and we had an unusual relationship. When he died it was like, we were like an old married couple. We would go dancing. He lived life with more vigor that anyone I ever met. Keeping up with a 99-year-old was not easy,” Nancy says.

Claude Hone died in August at 99 years and 7 months old. He was a World War II Marine fighter pilot.

“Hitler was marching across Europe and he wanted to stop the Nazis,” says Nancy.

He was in the marines 6 weeks before Pearl Harbor hit. He taught his daughter…

“Freedom doesn’t come without a cost,” says Nancy.

Claude made it safely home, but…

“His friends didn’t come back,” says Nancy.

This Veterans Day the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce held ceremonies to honor veterans like Claude. Ceremonies included musical performances, awards, and keynote speakers.

“A lot of people come from all different service organizations to honor the veterans, and I think it’s just a really important day and special day to remember the people who fought for our freedom,” says public affairs officer of the Sioux Falls VA Health Care System Erin Bultje.

For Nancy the event’s important, but it’s one way to honor her father’s legacy.

“Young people today are not learning history. We, daddy and I, went from school to school to school to teach about it, and 11th graders, they didn’t know anything about World War II, they didn’t know about Hitler they didn’t know about Hirohito, we must keep teaching,” says Nancy.

A reminder to the true meaning of the holiday.

Claude Hone not only served his country. He was the first in South Dakota to hold a real estate license.

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