DWU Opens International Recruitment Office in Nigeria

MITCHELL, S.D.- Dakota Wesleyan University is hot on the recruitment trail for new students. They’re latest venture has them looking globally.

Last week, the university opened its first international recruitment office in Abuja, Nigeria. The school was able to do this by partnering with Dr. John Ifediora, an alum and former board of trustee member living in Nigeria. The goal is to encourage Nigerian students to study abroad at DWU. 

“I think in the world we live in today, the reality is whether it’s our economy or our social network or our infrastructure, we are so keenly aware that global connections matter,” said DWU President, Amy Novak. 

“Sometimes being in a smaller community and a smaller area, we forget about the really important role higher education plays in exposing students to people from a lot of  diverse backgrounds and this is one pathway for us to do that.”

This partnership will also bring more culture and diversity to the city of Mitchell. 

DWU has always had an international student population. Right now there are around 30 students from places like Mexico, Ireland and Canada. However, the school wants to extend that list even further as they see opportunities in Africa. 

“We know that in parts of Africa, in particular in Nigeria, the population is growing rapidly. They’re exploring issues much like we are as it relates to rural America: rural health care, rural education, rural economic development and entrepreneurship and we think there are some things that we can share between the two countries,” said Novak. 

Next fall, the university is hoping to see 15 to 20 students from Nigeria. DWU is also working on opening a second recruitment office in Kenya in January. 

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