Someone You Should Know: Thanksgiving Dinner for All

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- It’s the season of giving, so that means Feeding South Dakota’s annual Thanksgiving meal drive is underway.

This year, they’ve set a pretty ambitious goal, and one Sioux Falls business owner has found a big way to give back and help them reach it.

Greg Sands, owner, and CEO of Sands Drywall has been a long-time supporter of Feeding South Dakota. Years ago, he says he was watching the news when he saw Feeding South Dakota needed help.

“They needed 400 birds for the next Thursday Thanksgiving Day, they had zero. So, that weekend I e-mailed a bunch of my friends who are always hittin’ me up for money on their pet-passions, and by Monday I had 500 turkeys for ’em.”

That was only the beginning. Greg made a commitment to himself, what some would see as a nearly impossible achievement.

“Within X amount of years, we would be able to give a turkey to every person in South Dakota that needed a turkey. And I believe that this year we’re giving away 3,400 of ’em.”

$20 will provide a family of four with everything they need for a Thanksgiving meal. So, Sands has offered to match donations up t0 15-thousand dollars– which will help Feeding South Dakota reach its goal of giving away 3,400 Thanksgiving meals.

Feeding others is something Greg picked up at an early age.

“When I was a little kid, we were living in the Southside of Minneapolis and someone had broken into our house and stolen these BBQ ribs my mom made. She said it’s okay they must have needed ’em worse than we did.”

His mother and grandmother were big on feeding others and it has carried into his own life. “I’m big on, on feeding people… sometimes my company will just buy lunch for the whole job site. I believe it, it’s just a good way of bonding and having good relationships is over food.”

Greg says helping people helps him and his wife stay grounded and humble. “When you’re visiting people and they’re living in a tent, you know it makes you awfully grateful for that fact that you’re not. And we’ve both been homeless, so we know what it’s like, I’m just so proud that we can be a part of getting everyone here that needs a turkey, I know that would bring my mother joy.”

“It’s just something I’m really, really proud that we accomplished it. Took couple more years than I wanted but today it’s done.”

Credit card donations can be made online at or over the phone by calling 605.335.0364, ext.126.

More information regarding the Pierre distribution can be found online at

Additional details regarding the actual giveaways in Sioux Falls and Rapid City can be found online at

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