California Woman Thanks Sioux Falls Firefighters Following Wildfires

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – A California woman stopped by to thank three Sioux Falls firefighters who helped fight wildfires earlier this year.

Janise Powers, of Santa Rosa, California, came tot he downtown fire station on Thursday to show her appreciation. She says firefighters saved her home.

Powers evacuated to Sioux Falls when the Kincade Fire forced her out of her house. She has been living with her daughter and grandkids since then.

Powers says once she found out that firefighters in Sioux Falls helped save her home, she had to come say thank you.

“So grateful that they came all that way to my area in California to fight this fire and it just meant so much to me. I told my daughter I’ve got to go say thank you to them. So, I’m glad I got that opportunity to do it,” said Powers.

Powers’ home was damaged from fires in 2017 and had to be rebuilt. Her husband and she just moved back into their home on September 1. Powers has been in Sioux Falls for a month and is going home on Saturday.

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