Employers Getting Ghosted: Trend Frustrates Local Business Owners

GARRETSON, S.D.– At ‘O So Good’ in Garretson, Owner Chef Omar Thornton says turnover in the restaurant industry is common. So he’s often looking for new employees. However, a new and frustrating issue he’s come across is ghosting. 

“I might get maybe about ten applicants in to choose from and I’d say that from that a good 70 percent of them will set the appointment, but won’t even show and I do have probably a rare time where a person is hired and just doesn’t show for that first day,” said Thornton. 

He asks for common courtesy. If you can’t make it to an interview, call and let that employer know. 

At Key Staffing in Sioux Falls, they help people find jobs. Owner Doug Erickson says ghosting is not a good idea. It could come with consequences. 

“You’re burning a bridge and if say you ghosted one business or looking at going to the next company and people know each other, we’re not that large of a community and word can get around that you maybe didn’t show up,” said Erickson. 

Thornton agrees.

“I will tell folks that especially here in the restaurant business, I as an owner, I talk to other owners. As a chef, I talk to other chefs.”

Erickson believes the reason people ghost is to avoid conflict

“They don’t want to tell a potential employer ‘I’m not interested anymore or I don’t want this job’ or they’ve gotten the job and they want to maybe leave. They don’t want to have the adversity of coming into it and saying ‘I have to tell somebody that I’m not happy here anymore,’” said Erickson. 

However, he says folks need to do it. 

“It’s a tough conversation, but one that you need to have,” said Erickson.

At Key Staffing, they say ghosting can work both ways. There’s times where potential employees feel like they’ve been ghosted when they don’t receive a call back after an interview. Key Staffing recommends that if this happens to you, call that business back and follow-up. It lets them know you are still interested in the position. 

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