A New Approach to Giving: Cranksgiving

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Bicyclists from all over the Sioux Falls area showed up to Spoke-N-Sports today for the 6th annual Cranksgiving. Cranksgiving is a way for the bike community to give back.

“It’s kind of part food drive part competition, and it’s really just a day of fun to collect a bunch of food for those in need for the holidays,” Organizer Chad Pickard said.

But the way that they collect that food, is a little different.

Pickard said, “We’re going to have a bunch of different teams that are going to be competing against each other. At noon we’re going to send all the riders and teams out and they are going to go to different grocery stores and gas stations to buy food, and they get different points for different food items.”

The concept is simple, but there’s a technique to it.

Bicyclist Al Christensen, “A lot of the strategy because it is a competition, so it’s a matter of what stores you want to hit in what order to make sure you’re back here in time. My first year that I did it, I just started biking and I just met some incredible people. For me it’s about the people that I meet, it’s a good cause of course, but it’s also an awesome opportunity to hang around with some decent people.”

Although the event brings a lot of fun and a unique approach to giving back, Christensen reflects on the real reason he’s here.

“People do need to give back. I mean we are, for the most part, a very blessed society. For us to be able to help in even a small way, those that aren’t as blessed I think is important. I just love that Spoke-N-Sport is doing this again,” Christensen said.

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