Adult Kickball League Proves The Sport Is Not Just For Kids

SIOUX FALLS, S.D – It’s starting to feel less like fall and more like winter here in the Sioux Empire, but one kickball league isn’t letting the cold get the best of them. They proved kickball isn’t a sport for just kids.

”Kickball is not for kids it’s a very competitive sport, our team takes it very seriously, we are very competitive,” says kickball player Siana Swedlund.

“Something we used to do as kids but we can do now as adults too,” says says team captain Amber Miller.

Many braved the weather this afternoon for the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation adult kickball league. People came to Sherman Park clad with hats, scarves, and jackets.

Last year it was much colder, this just is fall weather, can’t complain,” says Swedlund.

”I don’t know, I think it’s kind of fun playing in the cold,” says Miller.

Whether the goal was to get some steps in or to spend time with friends, those playing were not going to let kids have all the fun.

“It’s kind of a fun way to keep yourself active you feel do better the rest of the day from doing some sort of physical activity and I mainly have fun with my friends,” says Miller.

Kickball isn’t just a sport for all ages. It’s a pass time unlike any other.

“Adrenaline going, there’s stuff to connect over rather than just having a conversation, you know, you get excited when you get a home run or you get excited when people get on base or catch a good ball,” says player Milissa Andrajack.

A reminder there’s no best way to get your heart rate up.

If you want to get involved or find similar activities, go to Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation at



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