5G Broadband Launches in Downtown Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Some cell phone service in downtown Sioux Falls is now up-to-date with cities like Chicago and Minneapolis. As of this morning, 5G ultra-wideband is officially live.

In late October, it was announced that 5G would be installed by the end of the year in downtown Sioux Falls. The Verizon network team was able to finish the activation of the towers sooner than that.

The 5G network will only work for people who have 5G compatible devices, like the Samsung S10 or the Samsung LGV50. As of right now, Apple iPhones are not yet compatible.

Senator John Thune says the launch is the first step in transforming the technological landscape of the state.

“It’s a transformational benefit that’s going to benefit Sioux Falls, but people throughout the region. As this continues to build out the infrastructure gets put in place it’s going to deliver speeds we never have seen before and connectivity that’s going to be second to none,” said Senator Thune.

The 5G network is concentrated in downtown areas like Levitt at the Falls, The Orpheum Threatre, Washington Pavilion, and the Federal Courthouse.

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