Great Shots Announces December Opening Date

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The Sanford Sports Complex in Sioux Falls is home to many sports, but golfers have never had an outdoor facility there to call home until now. Great Shots will open its doors on December 6th.

General Manager of Great Shots, Jonathan Buckley said, “To add golf now to this is going to be great. It is going to draw more and more people to the city of Sioux Falls from existing communities and also give people up here who are in town traveling for events, something to do while they’re in town.”

Whether you’re an avid golfer or you’ve never played, at the wave of a club there’s a game for you.

“From the gaming side of things we have games such as knockout or pinball,” Buckley continued. “If you’ve never touched a golf club we actually provide all clubs.”

If they give you clubs, and you still don’t like to golf. This facility has much more.

“You don’t have to come out to play golf, you could just come to watch games. We’re going to have the best place to watch College Football on a Saturday, NFL on a Sunday, March Madness, Super Bowl all those kind of events are really going to have a unique experience here,” he said.

Being open year-round, Great Shots has found a way to make outdoor golf in the winter, a little less cold.

Buckley added, “We’re a year-round facility, we have three heaters at every hitting bay they are climate controlled. So they are going to keep you warm during those cold times.”

With Winter on the way, these heaters can keep you warm, and your next golf experience is just one swing away.

“We can have six people swiped into the game system, and up to eight people in the hitting bays. From the event perspective we can do 12 to 1200,” said Buckley.

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