Someone You Should Know: One Big Hockey Family

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – This week’s Someone You Should Know is a family that expands by one to two hockey players each year.

The Hauff’s are a Stampede housing family and they allow players to live with them and become a part of their household.

The Hauff’s love two things, family, and hockey.

“I came a very large family and I like having a house full,” says Jessica Hauff.

So, it was a no brainer for them to start billeting.

“In the hockey community, it’s a small community. So, friends started to billet, and they thought we’d be interested,” says Jessica.

Billeting comes from an old British term to allow soldiers to stay in your house.

The Hauff’s and their two children, Nate and Kaite, have been opening their home to Sioux Falls Stampede players for four years.

“It’s a great experience. So, you just have to adapt to personalities, communicate is the most important part,” says Curt Hauff.

They act as surrogate parents to Stampede forward’s Ryan Sullivan, who’s from Iowa, and Timo Bakos from Germany. The Hauff’s try to give them a true at-home experience.

“They do a great of everything I’m used to at home with meals,” says Ryan. “And making sure I’m doing the right. But, letting have my own personal space.”

The players stay with their billet family until the end of their season and the most difficult part for the Hauff’s is letting go.

“That’s probably the hardest that people don’t really understand is the saying goodbye because they attach themselves to you and you get attached so quickly,” says Curt.

But, they still keep in touch.

“I talk to Colin Sower, I talk to Colin once a week,” says Jessica.

Both of them together: Adam Daw, Matt Cassel, Carl Berkland, Chad Veltree.

“Everyone one of them,” says Curt.

Truly a home away from home

The Hauff’s even got the extra step and visit their former players. Just this past weekend, they traveled to Michigan Technological University to watch Colin Swoyer play for the Huskies.

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