Rapid City Ad Agency Flips the Script on Meth Campaign

RAPID CITY, S.D (KOTA TV) – From people making memes to late-night show comedians using it for jokes, The state’s new anti-meth campaign turned into a laughing stock for many worldwide.

It was an ad with good intention. But ended up sparking memes and jokes instead. Now a Rapid City woman is flipping the script of the campaign by creating her own.

That’s why Natalie Slack, the owner of Spore Creative, a local marketing agency, released six new ad images to show that “Meth’s no joke.”

“Awareness is sort of the lazy form of action. We can understand the problem but if we don’t have action steps in place to do something about it, it’s money not very well spent,” Slack said.

Though she laughed at the original state ad campaign, when her four sons found the ad funny too it made her think twice.

Her ads show different career fields explaining how doing meth would affect their lives.

Slack said she wishes the original state’s ad campaign used real-life stories of meth addicts to hit home on how deadly the problem is, especially to the youth.

“Often we see it in our young professionals. We see it in kids. It’s an easy access drug in our state. Not because our southern borders are open but because it’s not that hard to make. There are people that are creating the drug right here in the state and distributing it,” Slack said.

On all of her ads, she made sure to include the state’s campaign website to inform people about the available resources because it’s now time to “stop thinking it’s funny and start thinking of solutions.”

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