AAA Launches ‘Slow Down, Move Over’ Campaign

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – With crowded roads coming this week, AAA is launching a campaign to make sure roads are safe for everyone.

‘Slow Down, Move Over’ looks to keep drivers, first responders, and roadside workers out of harm’s way. According to a press release from the travel organization, tow operators respond to more than 30 million calls for help each year.

While responding, there’s often less than four feet between the operators, and oncoming traffic.

An average of twenty three tow operators die every years, due to accidents.

That’s why the organization is increasing it’s efforts to promote awareness and support for ‘slow down, move over’ laws. These laws aren’t just in South Dakota. They’re in all fifty states.

The laws require motorists to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles with flashing yellow lights, and stop for those with flashing red lights. Violating these laws is a class 2 misdemeanor.

AAA and roadside workers remind drivers to always remain alert, focus on the task of driving, and keep an eye out for emergency vehicles on the road.

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