The Key to Growing a Farming Operation in Tough Times: Diversify

Having graduated during a recession, Amanda Radke has always looked at what more she might do

Farming will always be her first love when it comes to career, but Amanda Radke says she’s known since college it’s important to consider other revenue streams to support the family farm. She graduated from South Dakota State during the recession of the 90’s. She and her husband figured it out then, and will continue to do the same. But as their farming operation grows, so does Amanda’s love of speaking about the industry, traveling to do so, and growing her new online boutique which features farm-related graphic t-shirts, socks, small toy animals and more.

Radke adds that after speaking the past several weeks to various groups and organizations around the country, there is one resounding theme from farmers she talks with right now. Check out what she has to say, below.

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