Chains Used for Traction on Sioux Falls Fire Trucks


When the roads get snow packed and slick, Sioux Falls fire rescue can use a secret weapon of sorts, to get to an emergency.

11 of the 12 front line fire trucks in Sioux Falls resort to chains on the back tires when traction is needed.

Sioux Falls Fire Trucks were first equipped with the chain system in 2001.

We spoke to a fire truck driver of eight years, and he says using these chains is a last resort.

In his tenure with Sioux Falls Fire Rescue, he’s never had to use the device, but if he does it’s right there at his fingertips.

Fire Truck Driver, Troy Schnetter said, “Flip the switch on the dash, spindle drops down, spins and throws lengths of chain underneath the tire, and we drive over the chains. It continues to spin until we shut it off.”

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