Snow Removal Safety Tips for the Winter

SIOUX FALLS, SD— Many of us saw the first heavy snow of the season this past weekend.

And as Old Man Winter settles in for the long haul, Dr. John Travnicek is sharing a few tips to stay safe.

“Dress appropriately when you have to work outside or go outside, wear boots and warms socks. So, dress appropriately for outdoors,” said Dr. Travnicek

If you plan on doing your own snow removal, there are a few things to consider first:

-Warm-up your muscles

-Lighten the snow load with small scoops

-Stay hydrated

-And take breaks plenty of breaks

“It’s a pretty good cardiac work-out sometimes depending on how much snow it is; how much snow you got to scoop. So, yeah if you start getting chest pains or shortness of breath then maybe stop and go get checked out by your doc,” said Dr. Travnicek.

Another thing to monitor is possible signs of hypothermia.

For mild hypothermia, you’ll feel cold and shivery.

It can be remedied with some warm fluids, such as hot chocolate or soup.

But Dr. Travnicek says severe hypothermia likely isn’t something you’ll be able to determine on your own.

“Severe hypothermia is going to be alternation out consciousness. So, confusion or sleepiness or acting bizarrely or slowly or being unconscious completely,” said Dr. Travnicek.

A good reminder as we dig in for the season.

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