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"E-Bikes" Popularity Growth In Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, SD- May is "Bike Month" and there's one particular bike that's growing in popularity in Sioux Falls. Unlike a traditional bike, "E-Bikes," or electric bikes have a motor powered by a battery for some extra assistance while pedaling.  The…

Senior Student-Athletes at Augustana University Score Big

SIOUX FALLS, SD- Saturday is Graduation Day at Augustana University in Sioux Falls.  But there are a number of seniors who aren't able to walk across the stage.  That's because many of them are student-athletes, and spring sports are still in…

Rain Or Shine: The Sioux Empire Camps During Holiday Weekend

EAST OF SIOUX FALLS, SD- This weekend is the unofficial kick-off to summer and many people spend it sleeping in tents and roasting s'mores over a campfire. Despite recent wet weather, camp sites seem to have no issues accommodating campers.  150…

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