Blaise Keller

Nesiba To Police: The Victim Was Playing “Hard To Get”

Augustana professor and SD legislator, Reynold Nesiba was arrested for sexual contact without consent

A recently elected South Dakota legislator and economic professor at Augustana University is now behind bars for one count of sexual contact without consent.The victim reported to police that 50-year-old Reynold Nesiba did not listen to her when she told him they could only be friends.Unhooking her bra, grabbing her chest, putting his hand down the front of her pants and picking her up and pushing her against a wall in a rough manner.A 51-year-old victim told police that’s what Nesiba did on September 26th.

Local Chef Lands National Cooking Show

'Chef Jamie's Cooking With Soul' premieres January 15

From ‘The Chew’ to ‘Good Eats’ and ‘Chopped’, there are a lot of cooking shows on TV today.But none of those are produced or filmed here in Sioux Falls.That’s about to change, as one local HyVee chef is taking a stab at hosting a national cooking television show.

High School Takes On Project To Honor Veterans

"We realized this is going to be a lot bigger pain in the butt than it looked to be"

While many attend parades or hang up flags to honor those who’ve served in the military, one local high school class is getting their hands dirty to help a Veteran’s group.Chevy and Ford cars are what students at the Career and Technical Education Academy in Sioux Falls are used to working on.But at the beginning of the school year, a new challenge arrived.

Trump Stops In Sioux City Days Before Nov. Election

The presidential candidate voiced concerns with Obamacare and taxes to Iowa voters

With the November 2016 election just two days away, candidates are traveling all over the nation vying for people’s vote.In Sioux City, that candidate was Republican Donald J Trump.During the rally, Trump didn’t say anything we haven’t heard before.”We will make America great again,” says Trump. “And yes, we will build a Great Wall.”

Childhood, Past Events Motivated Paula Hawks To Run For U.S. House Rep.

"I'm an ag girl from a farm in South Dakota who wants to go fight for farmers"

This week KDLT has been taking a closer look at the candidates vying for your vote in this year’s election.Thursday night, we’re focusing on Paula Hawks, the candidate trying to take incumbent Kristi Noem’s seat as the U.S. House Representative for South Dakota.

Minnehaha Co. Prepares For What Could Be A Recording Breaking Election

So far 13,600 people have filled out an absentee ballot

The upcoming election has been coined one of the most controversial elections of all time.From leaked audio recordings to an email scandal, voters have strong opinions on who they want to be the next president.This is creating high absentee voting numbers not only state-wide, but also here in Minnehaha County.

Medicine Made To Combat Malaria Haunts Area Vets

"I literally felt like I went over there at 27 years old and came back at 50”

We hear about soldiers coming back from overseas acting different than they did when they left.They may feel depressed, jittery or have triggers that take them back to war.These veterans are often diagnosed with PTSD.But experts are discovering that something more than just the traumatic experience itself, can cause these types of symptoms.

SF City Council Discusses Next Chapter For Former Franklin Elementary Building

After sitting vacant for a couple years, the former Franklin Elementary School in northern Sioux Falls could soon serve a new purpose.The Sioux Falls City Council is considering rezoning the building to be used as a retail center featuring stores run by immigrant business owners.That plan will see another day with the vote passing 7 to 0.But the councilors voiced that there will need to be some changes to it, in order for it to be approved a second time.

Friend Of Victim Whose Nipples Were Cut Off Asks For Public’s Help

"She has a long road of physical recovery ahead”

It’s a disturbing act: cutting off a pregnant woman’s nipples.”Overwhelming, heart sick, emotionally exhausting,” says Annie Myers, a good friend to the female victim as she recalls finding out the news. “It was just hard to put these things together in our community, and in a lot of ways it is still unbelievable.”Myers found out on Wednesday that her friend became a victim of domestic violence.

Autism Friendly Gym To Open In Sioux Falls

Doors will open in January 2017

It’s known that exercise improves peoples sleeping behavior and helps people maintain a healthy body weight.But for those with special needs, one expert says the benefits of working out are even greater.Sharon Bethke, a physical therapist, says those with autism or similar development disorders will be able to regulate their mood and calm down more when they work out.