Author: Joe Farrell

Retailers Pivoting With Warm Start To Winter

SIOUX FALLS – Many of us have enjoyed the warm start to the winter. But for a couple Sioux Falls businesses, the slower sales and less traffic in their stores has led them to pivot to turn a profit. Adam Dykstra, the manager at Sun and Fun in Sioux Falls, knows business in 2017 cannot be just about in-store sales….

Salvation Army To Hold 20 Dollar Challenge This Saturday

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- All of us know the bell ringers and the famous red kettle. This weekend though, your 20 dollar bill donations will go a lot further. “Match Day” is this Saturday for the Salvation Army. Each 20 dollar bill put into those red kettles will turn into 100 dollars thanks to many generous donors. “We’re blessed this year…

SD Symphony Orchestra Plays Music At Sioux Falls Regional Airport

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Those traveling through the Sioux Falls regional airport are being greeted by the sounds of the season. Members of the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra played Christmas songs in the airport terminal today. Guests were encouraged to take a seat, relax and enjoy the holiday music. “You’re trying to do all these different things around the holidays. Especially…